FREE Note Keeper

Checkout our “Note Keeper” on  You request an account and we have to approve you based on your request reason.  Just let us know some tiny basic reason you want a Note Keeper and we will approve you.  We try to have a slight back and forth with people via email to make sure we are only issuing these to real people who need to save passwords and notes etc. and not to bots.  It is secured by SiteLock and also Encrypted.  Our goal is complete security.  You can always access the Note Keeper via the front page of in the upper left corner.  Click here to read a little more about our code and security practices.

QR Codes

Checkout the QR Code Utility for sharing your contact forms.  Simply make a form and then go to the embed or share segment of the form tab and click on the Download QR Code.  You can use a free QR Code Reader on any Android SmartPhone from: to use the QR Code below or a QR Code you create.  This is a QR Code for a tiny contact form I made.  The QR Code will take you to the form link below.