conditional logic url forward matrix form

I set the conditional logic in this matrix form (just use the “matrix field” element in the builder) to forward on submit to unless the first two answers were “yes” and the third answer was “not yes”, in which case the form forwards to  This was done to take a person not already
working with an Attorney directly to the page where they can leave a message for an Attorney, or to take a person  already working with an Attorney to a main information page so they can read information if they so choose.
This page is a folder named “hire” in the cPanel File Manager and I created a simple “index.html” file in the folder and in the file is simply the html code that makes when you click the html option on the publish/share tab. You can use our contact form for FREE, and cPanel Hosting is just $20/mo on

Add meta data for social media in file manager on cPanel with ClickFunnels HTML file

This is a simple little addition to the index.html file which is the .html file downloaded from ClickFunnels (try ClickFunnels for 14-days free via our affiliate link) for any page made inside of ClickFunnels that you would like to make a /pagename added to your WordPress by accessing your cPanel and making a folder name inside your public_html folder.  The folder name ends up being your /pagename.  Just add the 4 og tags at the top. Subscribe for $20/mo. and you get 50GB on your own cPanel, and can do exactly what we are talking about on this page.

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