“CSV Editor — CRUD = create, read, update, delete”

CSV Editor v2.1

Created: adilbo 10/2015
Docu-Revision: v6 06/2016
Portfolio: only via CodeCanyon

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Table of Contents

  1. Installation & Upgrade
  2. Quick Start
  3. Select Boxes
  4. iFrame Integration
  5. Support


CSV Editor — This tool can retrieve or change information
stored in "Comma-separated values" files.

Any information contained on this page are for information only.
The information does not represent warranted properties.

ATTENTION It should be pointed out that this script maybe does not work correct with EXTREME BIG files!

HINT Don't use any underscores _ in your column names!

Installation & Upgrade - top



  1. Download the ZIP package from CodeCanyon
  2. Extrakt ZIP
      You should have the following:
      "/documentation/" (don't upload this dir to your webserver)
  3. Optional: Setup the Parameters in the "/main/setup/config.php" File (use e.g. Notepad++)
  4. Open FTP and Upload contents of "/main/" dir to your "/csv/" directory or use e.g. XAMPP on your localhost
  5. Open URL to "/csv/" Folder in your Browser

At this point, the installation is complete. Although just by installing the script offers the possibility to use the program directly without any other configuration settings, in order to benefit of the full feature set, it is better to edit some settings that will be used by your applications. Please refer to this docu to find out how to configure the software.


  1. Download the ZIP package from CodeCanyon
  2. Extrakt ZIP
  3. Open FTP to your "/csv/" directory or use e.g. XAMPP on your localhost
  4. Upload and overwrite all files in "/csv/" folder with new ones downloaded from CodeCanyon

Quick Start - top


Config Parameters in the "/main/setup/config.php" file:

// ------- LOGIN -------
$username ='demo'Secure your CSV Manager and change this value immediately!
$password ='demo'Secure your CSV Manager and change this value immediately!
$iframePass ='iframe'Checked in iframe.php if set. Add it in your iFrame URL e.g. iframe.php?p=YourPassword (change is strongly recommended)! See iFrame Integration and
Generate Strong Password Online
// ------- FILES -------
$csvPath ='../'Path to the CSV file e.g. /var/www/mywebsite/htdocs or E:/web/xampp/
$csvFile ='test.csv'Name of the CSV file, change this to your real CSV data file!
$uniqueKey ='id'What is the name of the unique key in the CSV file, change this to your real unique key name and note that the key is case sensitive!
$delimiter =','In a CSV file each record (line) consists of one or more fields, separated by a delimiter e.g. ',' or ';' or '|' or "\t" (for TAB use double quotes).
$extention ='txt'Define the Extention of the SELECT Helper File for Edit Select-Box Support (use 'php' only if you want to add functionality in the Select-Box File)? Set to 'txt', 'htm', 'html' or 'php'!
See Use Select Boxes in Edit Mode
$enclosure ='"'The optional $enclosure Parameter sets the Field enclosure (one character only).
$escapeChar ="\\"The optional $escapeChar Parameter sets the Escape character (one character only).
$lineEndings =''If in your CSV file each record (line) ends with a special character e.g. ';' (IMPORTANT: Please leave empty if lines end only with a carriage return!).
$readonlyFields =array('','','')Whant to set some fields on readonly in Edit-Modus? Define it as array('fieldname1','fieldname2','etc') as many as you like!
// ------- SWITCH -------
$sortIframeTable =TRUEShould the table (which is shown by the script iframe.php) be sorted by clicking on the respective column? Set to TRUE or FALSE!
$showNumberOfLines =TRUEShould the Script show the Number of Lines in Navigation Select Box? Set to TRUE or FALSE!
$deleteDirect =FALSEOn Delete ask "confirm delete" or if $deleteDirect set to TRUE then "delete immediately"!
$fullscreen =TRUEShow Page in Fullscrren Mode especially for big Screens set $fullscreen = FALSE
$showHint =TRUEShow HINT in Edit Modus below the Table?
// ------- SETUP -------
$language ='en'en = english OR de = deutsch (german) - If you want to translate it in your own Language open Folder lang and edit File custome.php and set $language = 'custome';
If you translate it to you mother tongue use lang/custom.php and send the File to me and you will get a free Script from my portfolio as reward for your work!
$startpage ='list'Should the Script show the List-Page or the Edit Page after Login into the Backend? Set to 'list' or 'edit'!
$limit =10This Parameter comes with the Pagination and define how many lines per Pages should be shown? Set min. on 1 till max. on 100!
$shortenAfter =70Shorten long Data in List-Mode, cut displayed Data after x Characters (0 = show full length).
// ------- NEW in v2.x -------NEW
$allowUploadTRUEUse CSV File Upload Feature? (YES=TRUE or NO=FALSE)
$allowSEMTRUEUse Single-Edit-Mode Feature? (YES=TRUE or NO=FALSE)
$sortFieldidSort by a special column (Default should be 'id') after first save also in View-Mode!
$sortDirectionascThe Direction is used to sort the result-set. (ASCENDING=asc OR DESCENDING=desc)
$infoText''You want to add some text just under the navigation panel? Shows up, if it is set up here!
// ------- DATA-SET -------
$csvFileArray = array(…);
'Demo'    => 
'Example' => 
For each CSV File you whant to manage you had to define the following: 'NameInSelectBox' => ('ServerPath', 'FileName', 'KeyField', 'Delimiter'), — If this array is defined $csvPath, $csvFile, $uniqueKey, $delimiter and NEW $sortField are not used!
$csvFileArray =
Scan the folder defined in $csvPath for ALL .csv files and use $uniqueKey, $delimiter and NEW $sortField as defined above. If this function is used $csvFile and $csvFileArray = array(…); are not used!

Use Select Boxes - top

Use Select Boxes in Edit Mode

Use the the following Select-Boxes in Edit-Mode for special Columns:

If your CSV File is named e.g. "demo.csv" and the column for which you want to use the Select-Box is named e.g. "my status" you need a Option File which is named "demo.csv_SELECT_my_status.txt" with the following content e.g.:


If the File "demo.csv_SELECT_my_status.txt" exists in the same Folder than the "demo.csv" Data File the Select-Box will be automatically shown in Edit Modus for the Field "my status"!

HINT You can make as many Column-Fields to an Select-Box as you like!

If you use the $extention Parameter in the config.php you can also use PHP as File-Extention for dynamic content in the Select-Box!

iFrame Integration - top

Advanced usage

Use the "/main/app/iframe.php" file to integrate CSV Data in your Webpage:

<iframe src="iframe.php" height="100" width="200" frameborder="0" name="iframe"></iframe>

The iframe.php do not ask for logindata, so there is always used the CSV file from the $csvFile var!

If you whant to show only spezial data on your page use the ?q=keyword parameter
e.g. iframe.php?q=name will show all lines with the keyword 'name' in it!

<iframe src="iframe.php?q=keyword" height="100" width="200" frameborder="0" name="iframe"></iframe>

If you use the $iframePass Parameter in the config.php you can also secure your iframe.php.

Use ?p=YourPassword or ?q=keyword&p=YourPassword!

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this premium script. As stated at the beginning, we'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this script. We'll do our best to assist. If you have a more general question related to plugins on CodeCanyon, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.