Expert Systems: Chapter 5

“Expert Systems: The Universality & Cocentricity of Expert Marketing, Document & Law Systems” 

-By James F. Polk

Section 2: The Law and History of Expert Law Systems.
Chapter 5: Our next 2-steps are HIPAA and Organic Document Selection & Completion.

LAW:  This is a very short chapter and is where we basically in our development work.  We are going to be making our server architecture HIPAA Compliant for all of our programs, we are going to setup which is HIPAA Compliant (Zapier is not) and we are going to be adding HIPAA Compliant Office365 from Rackspace.

LAW:  We are then going to be completing the final Document Selection and Document Completion Utility, completing our Expert Law System.

Function:  Additions after that are going to be a PowerMTA Server to our Automail so that you do not have to setup your own SMTP.  This and a CRM are going to complete our Expert Marketing System.

Function:  Part of our system is going to be the PBX on our Additional Services page.

Function & Culture:  Beyond that we are going to be integrating internally back and forth between programs on our server and working on suggestions from our subscribers.