Expert Systems: Chapter 6

“Expert Systems: The Universality & Cocentricity of Expert Marketing, Document & Law Systems” 

-By James F. Polk

Section 3: Social Media Automations and Integrations.
Chapter 6: LinkedIn is pure gold, now connect it to things!

  1.  Build a Professional Looking LinkedIn Profile and Business Page.
  2.  Make your Profile the Admin of your Business Page.
  3.  Upgrade your LinkedIn to the level that allows you to use Sales Navigator.
  4.  Signup for and download it and install it as an extension to your Google Chrome Browser (you can even use one Google Chrome Book for this alone if you have the extra cash and space).
  5.  Run Dux-Soup via your Chrome Browser and have it send out 5 Connection Requests daily to a search you target inside of your Sales Navigator.
  6.  BOOM!  In a few weeks you will see that you have grown a network moving from 0-20 in a matter of a few short days!
  7.  The thing you want to do is make a marketing plan to connect with people who have a professional category you can target on LinkedIn and then figure out what same thing you can do for them all.
  8.  If you are a Contract Paralegal, you can market to find the Types of Business Clients who you want to introduce to your Client Attorneys and if they hire your Client Attorneys, agree before introducing them to your Attorney Clients that your Attorney Clients will remunerate you for your marketing by awarding you the Contract Paralegal Contract.
  9.  You can also target one type of Attorney for a time to build up a book of business of Attorneys who want you to introduce them to Potential Business Legal Clients With Legal Issues.
  10.  Use to pull out the email addresses of your contacts after a few weeks or months and then use to send them a series of emails.
  11.  Another good Google Chrome Extension is, you can find email addresses from LinkedIn without first Connecting.
  12. Write in a way that gets people interested in learning something useful about their industry.