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  1. We will help you write ad copy, sales copy for your site, rewrite ads and sites, design & redesign sites and funnels, obtain reviews from past clients, make explainer videos, you name it, just click here to contact us.  If you have decided on what services you would like us to perform on your behalf, simply simply click here to pay.  Our business services include:
    1. Sales Copy & Ad Copy
    2. Setting Ad Settings
    3. Site Design or Redesign
    4. Funnel Design or Redesign
    5. Obtaining Reviews
    6. Explainer Videos
    7. Special Event Advertising (target people on special event in their lives)
    8. more…
  2. ClickFunnels is our favorite marketing program and many of our subscribers embed DocupletionForms Contact Forms right into ClickFunnels pages.A
  3. A lot of our Subscribers also use ActiveCampaign.
  4. Our discount code is DocupletionForms which offers a 50% discount for: Complete PBX Solution, Complete PBX Solution PLUS (includes Canada), Complete Telephone in a Box, Virtual Assistant. We have a discount code DocupletionFormsLTE which offers a 25% discount for anything else on the site including the BizLink LTE Network Router and phones.  Discount codes are applied on checkout and you can see the adjustment instantly. These are one time offers on checkout.
  5. If you have a legal situation, James F. Polk has been helping people with alternate routes to obtaining legal services for years and would love to hear from you via his contact form.
  6. You can start your own Outsourced Paralegal Business and go through the Apex Law Service Consulting Program by visiting
  7. As a Business Professional you can help a Local Community Group of your choice to put together an project to help Kids on Juvenile Probation to complete their Court ordered community service hours.
  8. We sell a $1300 WordPress Site and you can reach it anytime by going to
  9. Go to to join the National Association of Online Legal Document Professionals for FREE!
  10. Use Apex Law Service for help with Business Legal Issues.
  11. Checkout our Shopify Store  We only have stickers and iPhone cables at the moment, but more little office cubicle gadgets and useful items are planned.