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*** Currently the FREE Contact Form signup is ready with 3 contact forms, $5/mo. for 10 contact forms or $10/mo. for unlimited contact forms as well as our Manual Data-Merge. Our $5/mo. Rackspace Email Signup is 100% up and running, just click "WHMCS" inside any subscription level to signup! Email james@docupletionforms.com for HIPAA BAA which is available for "covered entities" as per the Rackspace BAA Information Sheet ***

Secure Contact Form Pricing Plans. Auto Data-Merge Coming!

     We will lock your subscription in at $10/mo. if you signup before we roll out our Auto Data-Merge and raise the price to $20/mo.  For $8/mo. you can add a cPanel with a WordPress inside.  Unlimited additional Rackspace Email subscriptions for $5/mo. each can be purchased inside as well.  All WordPress installations are installed on your own cPanel.  All plans allow you to invoice via Stripe & PayPal.  Click "WHMCS" inside any of the subscription levels to order email, or cPanel w/ WordPress.  

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  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Secure Contact Forms
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  • Zapier Integrated Forms
  • Conditional Logic
  • Many Native Integrations
  • Secure Amazon Server
  • WHMCS: click to order emails and WordPress Installations Inside
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Our amazing features are second to none!

FREE Contact Forms

FREE Contact Forms

Nothing can beat the targeted questions you can ask using conditional logic.

Secure your Data on our AWS Cloud Server

Secure your Data on our AWS Cloud Server

Your Data is secure on our AWS Server.

Collect Data from around the Globe

Collect Data from around the Globe

Reach people anywhere who want and need what you do and give them an easy way to contact you.

WordPress Hosting on a Secure Amazon Server

WordPress Hosting on a Secure Amazon Server

If you need a WordPress, ours are hosted on Secure Amazon Servers.

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Read about all of our different developments. We are always working on new features.

ChatGPT and Legal Documents!

We recently made this simple integration between DocupletionForms and ChatGPT using Zapier. Checkout this JurisGURU Article on ChatGPT for Legal Documents. Checkout these Pro Bono Paralegal Work Articles! We will add more items to this blog post as we find decent content relating to ChatGPT and Legal Documents.  

Zap from DocupletionForms to ServeManager.

Simple little blog for you today.  Just a couple of links. Serve Manager can be an action program in a Zap from Zapier. Zap to Serve Manager from DocupletionForms. This is a very good use case for Conditional Webhooks.  Read our Zapier Help-Docs for more instructions.

Schedule Daily Facebook Posts a Week in Advance!

Here’s how to setup FB Posts in advance for your Business FB Page! We post daily on our training FB Page Facebook.com/autodocuments!    Open your FB Personal Page and click the little “house” icon at the top of the page.   Click “Pages” from the Left Column.   Click the Page where you want to setup Scheduled Posts.    Click “Publishing Tools”.   Click “Scheduled Posts” and then “Create Post”.   Set the Date and Time for the Scheduled Post.   Paste/Type in the Link/Text you want your post to contain.  Make sure the preview on the right looks the way you want then click “Schedule Post”.   Click the refresh button at the top of the browser and then the post will pop up at the top of your scheduled posts.  Make sure the date and time are set correctly and you are done with scheduling a post.     Schedule a few days, a week or even a month in advance.  It just depends on your writing and publishing schedule etc.  

Use cPanel for DNS!

A great use of cPanel is to adjust your DNS settings to super customize your website visitors experiences.  Checkout this link to the DNS related Blog Posts on the cPanel website.

Vimeo and Screencast-O-Matic go together well.

Screencast-O-Matic is a really easy to use Screen Capture Video Subscription that lets you capture what you are doing on your computer so that you can publish it in a meaningful way for your Clients.  Vimeo has a really amazing feature that allows you to replace a video so that wherever you have the video embedded or linked to on the internet will after replacing the video show the new video with which you have replaced the previous video.

Checkout cPanel’s Blog

Our 50GB Hosting is 50GB on your own cPanel, and therefore we think you might find the cPanel Blog interesting.  cPanel is something we initially offered simply so that you could host your own HTML files inside of the File Manager, but there are so many other things you can do with cPanel.  Checkout the cPanel Blog, and also, checkout our 50GB WordPress hosting on your own cPanel for $20/mo. As always, if you want to learn more about WordPress Security, Checkout our growing list of videos you can access for FREE!  We purchased a license from a professional group to use their videos on WordPress Security on our site and the license requires us to charge money, so we set the price low at $1. Make sure to take a look at our new Training Facebook Page: “Professional Document Automation & Integration Master’s Clinic Workshop” where we post daily content aimed at helping you as a Legal Document Related Industry Professional. And of course we still have our Main Facebook Page.

AWS Whitepaper on WordPress

This is why we host our WordPress on AWS.  Read this little Whitepaper written by Amazon to see more of what can ultimately be done on AWS.  We usually help people get started with their WordPress sites (checkout our 50GB WordPress hosting on your own cPanel for $20/mo.) and then if you grow to a more complex level, you are already on AWS and can migrate to your own server without any real issues. As always, if you want to learn more about WordPress Security, Checkout our growing list of videos you can access for FREE!  We purchased a license from a professional group to use their videos on WordPress Security on our site and the license requires us to charge money, so we set the price low at $1. Make sure to take a look at our new Training Facebook Page: “Professional Document Automation & Integration Master’s Clinic Workshop” where we post daily content aimed at helping you as a Legal Document Related Industry Professional. And of course we still have our Main Facebook Page.

conditional logic url forward matrix form

I set the conditional logic in this matrix form https://apexlawservice.com/hire (just use the “matrix field” element in the builder) to forward on submit to https://apexlawservice.com unless the first two answers were “yes” and the third answer was “not yes”, in which case the form forwards to https://apexlawservice.com/more.  This was done to take a person not already working with an Attorney directly to the page where they can leave a message for an Attorney, or to take a person  already working with an Attorney to a main information page so they can read information if they so choose. This page is a folder named “hire” in the ApexLawService.com cPanel File Manager and I created a simple “index.html” file in the folder and in the file is simply the html code that DocupletionForms.com makes when you click the html option on the publish/share tab. You can use our contact form for FREE, and cPanel Hosting is just $20/mo on DocupletionForms.com.

Add meta data for social media in file

This is a simple little addition to the index.html file which is the .html file downloaded from ClickFunnels (try ClickFunnels for 14-days free via our affiliate link) for any page made inside of ClickFunnels that you would like to make a /pagename added to your WordPress by accessing your cPanel and making a folder name inside your public_html folder.  The folder name ends up being your /pagename.  Just add the 4 og tags at the top. Subscribe for $20/mo. and you get 50GB on your own cPanel, and can do exactly what we are talking about on this page. You can checkout our Automation and Integration Training Facebook Page www.Facebook.com/autodocuments if you want to learn more tips and tricks like this.  We post daily.

FREE Training Videos

Checkout our growing list of videos you can access for FREE!  We purchased a license from a professional group to use their videos on WordPress Security on our site. Make sure to take a look at our new Training Facebook Page: “Professional Document Automation & Integration Master’s Clinic Workshop” where we post daily content aimed at helping you as a Legal Document Related Industry Professional. And of course we still have our Main Facebook Page.

New Elements: Elastic WordPress Billing and more…..

Examples of the form being embedded in an .html  file in a folder in a file manager on a cPanel are below.  The 3 links below are the same form: https://docupletionforms.com/formbuilder/forms/answer-the-questions-wvFdGA https://apexlawservice.com/health_insurance https://forms.apexlawservice.com/health_insurance

Append Submission Data to URL Forward.

This is a great little article in general about how the GET method of form submission sends form submission data appended to the URL and our URL Forward option in the Confirmation Settings for a form gives you the option to “Append Submission Data to URL”.  The URL that you forward your user to can be a page with .PHP code that will do whatever you program that page to do with the appended data.  It is a best practice to forward only to Encrypted SSL Pages that start with an HTTPS:// rather than just an HTTP:// at the beginning of the web address.  The page on which the form is embedded does not necessarily need to be an HTTPS:// page, but it is always better to use an SSL.

Tray.io embed integrations in the works!

Working on setting up Tray Embed so that we can connect any programs on the internet for you in basically any connection pattern using Tray Embed.  It is simple, we will connect the two programs via Tray Embed and then give you a simple screen to add in your API from both programs.  It is a step beyond Zapier in that the integrations can be customized further than what most of the programs have made allowable via Zapier and their own API’s.  Read this little publication from Tray.io to see a little bit more.  One of the slated programs is making a connection to Rossum.ai and any number of programs so that you can scan a document or invoice and have the AI on Rossum learn the invoice and turn the image into text via the Rossum OCR.  DocupletionForms may also make a direct integration to Rossum.

QR Codes

Checkout the QR Code Utility for sharing your contact forms.  Simply make a form and then go to the embed or share segment of the form tab and click on the Download QR Code.  You can use a free QR Code Reader on any Android SmartPhone from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teacapps.barcodescanner to use the QR Code below or a QR Code you create.  This is a QR Code for a tiny contact form I made.  The QR Code will take you to the form link below.  https://docupletionforms.com/formbuilder/forms/my-tiny-contact-form

formatting time in Zapier

The date time is sent as unix timestamp (integers). This solves the issue related to time zones between 3rd party servers. For example, this is the webhook data that is sent: {   “id”: 500,   “form_id”: 125,   “form_name”: “TEST Form”,   “number”: 10,   “ip”: “”,   “created_at”: 1610484007,   “updated_at”: 1610484007,   “created_by”: 22,   “updated_by”: 22,   “status”: null,   “new”: null,   “answers”: {     “Name”: “John”,     “Email”: “john@example.com“   },   “country”: “”,   “city”: “”,   “latitude”: “”,   “longitude”: “”,   “user_agent”: “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/87.0.4280.141 Safari/537.36”,   “url”: “https://docupletionforms.com/formbuilder/app/form?id=125″,   “referrer”: “https://docupletionforms.com/formbuilder/form/share?id=125″ } Then with Zapier you can use the Format action to convert the unix timestamp value to a date / time format, before send the value to the 3rd party app. The above Format Step comes between the Trigger and the Action Steps in a Zap.

Conditional Webhooks!

CONDITIONAL WEBHOOKS! When somebody enters their information into your form, you can send CONDITIONAL WEBHOOKS to Zapier or anywhere else on the internet based on the conditions that you set.  Depending on how the people who submit your form answer your questions, different triggering webhooks will be sent to Zapier and Zapier will then trigger an action in any of the 2000+ programs as you determine in the Zap inside of your Zapier account. You can ask people if they would like to also be added to your weekly email list when they leave you a contact form and if they click “yes” you can then send a CONDITIONAL WEBHOOK to Zapier to trigger the inclusion of a name and email in the email series program that you use. You can send a CONDITIONAL WEBHOOK to FormStack Documents (formerly WebMerge) that will use the data entered into the form to automatically fill out a document. You can add a contact in Clio. You can add a Loop in DotLoop. The list goes on.  There is no limit to the number of CONDITIONAL WEBHOOKS that you can send.

Zap from DocupletionForms to Slack via Zapier and

This is a really cool zap that will allow you to invite the people you want from your team to see the messages submitted via a specific contact form by zapping them to Slack via Zapier and using Slack to invite your Team Members! 1. Make a contact form.  2. Create a Slack Channel to send messages to. 3. Connect to Zapier. 4. Select your Contact Form in your Zapier. 5. Select your Slack and the Slack Channel.   6. Boom!  The Zap is done and messages will appear in your Slack. 7. Invite the team members you want to be able to see that Slack Channel.  

Rackspace Microsoft365 Reseller

We have added Rackspace’s Microsoft365 Business Partner Reseller Package to our upgraded subscription.  You set everything up inside of the program where it says “WHMCS” at the top of the menu bar. We made Conditional Webhooks this year and are finishing our automatic document selection and completion utility functionality of the “Merge” Our WordPress setup is automatic using WHMCS.  We are finishing adding the CRM, Auto-Email. After all of that we are finishing our Single Sign-On then our RetainerCrypto.Online Crypto Utility Token.

hidden fields for tracking

This is a simple 3-step instructional to show you how to setup a “hidden field” with a proper “label” and “alias” for tracking.   build a form with a hidden field and give an appropriate label name and set the alias to a proper term for tracking. add a ? followed by the alias, an = sign and then the tracking term. then when somebody submits a form like the one above, the submission will contain the term from after the = sign, in this example “turner”. This is a really great article from zapier about contact forms. This is our invite link to our zapier connection! You can purchase WordPress hosting from us for $35 monthly. A really great plugin is redirection for wordpress. You can embed or redirect a page to your form with hidden field tracking.    

zapier beta testing submission

This Zapier Integration Submission took us 13-10 months depending on whether you look at when I made the first payment or when I started the planning with my 3 software engineers. Anyways, we are a couple of weeks away from being up on the live Zapier platform for the world to see inside of the “Forms” set of programs. There were 80 form programs when we started and now there are like 110, but it is still a great number to be working to be a part of. No idea how long the “Beta Testing” phase will take. We shall see. 😎  – click here to use the direct private invite.


Insightly has an API code that you can copy inside of it and then paste the API code into our Insightly Addon.  You can do simple and effective things like send a person’s name and email from one of your contact form submissions to the Insightly Contacts.  Simple.

Our API is Complete!

This API section of the “Manage Account” Drop-Down Menu is Brand New!  We are finishing our connection with Zapier.com, so currently you can only connect our program with Zapeir via this private invite, but in a short time you will be able to find us on their site.  Simply generate an API key and then enter it into Zapier to connect your forms to Zapier so you can Zap data to 1500+ programs!

28 FREE Addons!

These Addons are all FREE!  We are working on making a set of Instructions for the Addons.  They are 100% FREE!  We are working on adding a CRM and an Automatic Email Series Functionality which are going to be a part of the $5 Monthly Subscription because you will be required to connect the Email Functionality to an outside SMTP (we recommend SendGrid.com) which will cost around $10-$15 Monthly, but it is a normal thing to need in the world of online integration.  After a while we are planning on making the same Email Functionality a part of what will become our $35 Monthly Subscription but with the additional option of using our PowerMTA Server so that you do not need an SMTP Server Subscription.  We will keep you posted as we make progress.

Customize a Confirmation Message

Customizing the message  You can insert field variables into a confirmation email and they’ll be replaced with whatever the user insert into that field. Every variable must be between a double punctuation keys. Eg. {{My Variable}} In the following example, we show the two ways you can insert the variables: By using the field label: The variable {{Your Name}} has been inserted to the confirmation email and will be replaced by the name that the person puts in the Form. By using the ID field: In the picture you can see the variable {{text_263547}}, the same relates to the field {{Your Name}} of the form. In other words, we can use both types of variables to get field information. If your field doesn’t have a label, this is the option you should use. Additionally, you can use the following placeholders: {{form_id}}: Form ID. {{form_name}}: Form Name {{submission_id}}: Submission ID {{submission_number}}: Submission Number {{submission_table}}: The content of all the form fields {{created_at}}: Date of Submission {{ip_address}}: IP Address. {{user_agent}}: Browser’s User Agent of Sender. {{url}}: Web page url where the form was embedded. {{referrer}}: Web page url from where the visitor has arrived to the form. {{country}}: Country of Sender. {{city}}:…

Storytelling Trends for Marketing Your Business

More than ever, it is becoming essential for businesses and brand owners to invest in a narrative that helps them sell. According to recent research, brands that tell compelling brand stories are likely to have a 20% increase in their brand value. However, this is not achievable without effective business and marketing plans in place. To implement and maintain these plans, you need to stay on top of The needs of consumers change over time, as they move through the different stages of life. When this happens, their buying behaviors also change. Marketers and business owners need to anticipate the customer’s next buying stage, as well as the most common needs within each stage. This can be mapped out for short-term changes, such as living in a college dorm. Long-term changes are a little more obvious and easier to anticipate, such as getting married or having a baby. Flexible and timely approaches such as brand storytelling, enables businesses and consumers to make the most of the storytelling opportunities. 1. Customer-led storytelling Review and product-rating sites are popping up everywhere. Consumers are more likely than ever to share their feelings, opinions, and thoughts about their latest buying experience with their circle…

Storytelling Using Video

Brand storytelling is a great approach to use in order to introduce and market your business. Stories cut through all the communication pathos and to the soul. Science proves that storytelling can cut through the neocortex of our brains, hitting us where it matters, in the limbic brain, which houses memories, visualizations, and feelings. Storytelling is a great marketing tool in that it elicits emotion. Stories are ideal in making sense of complication information, and the king of storytelling is video. If you need any convincing, check how much Hollywood is making in a year or even check the visitor statistics of YouTube. Tips for Effective Storytelling Using Videos Video has become a significant avenue in marketing. However, it is not as impactful if you do not have a clear purpose or direction in mind for the video. You can only benefit from telling a great story via effective videos. The ideal videos for marketing should evoke emotions, target and address the audience’s needs, desires, and pain points, as well as offer an actionable solution. Here are a few tips to give you ideas about how to use videos successfully to tell your brand’s stories. Follow a definite video storytelling process A successful…

The Best Places for Marketing through Storytelling

Did you know that there are successful brands out there whose leaders and marketers hate selling? It sounds confusing and ironical in at its best considering that the primary goal of any business to make money through sales. For most people, the idea of bothering people, to convince them to buy a product or service they are not interested in is a complete turn-off. So how do you make sales without feeling guilty that you are bothering people? The truth is that you do not have to be sleazy salesy to sell and that is why most brands have embraced the art of storytelling. It helps businesses establish trust and build loyalty, while at the same time opening doors and connection lines with prospects. To succeed in marketing through storytelling, you must be aware of the right places that will give you maximum returns. This article highlights some of the best places for marketing through storytelling. 1. On social media There is a tremendous growth of social media platforms nowadays, which makes social media a great place to target your customers and prospects. The best thing about marketing through storytelling is that it needs no definite beginning, end, or middle…

Tips on Using Images in Your Storytelling

Stories are a significant part of human culture and the art of telling stories is timeless. With the introduction and advancement of technology, storytelling has become a great marketing tool. Brands use storytelling to capture the attention of prospects and customers, as well as engage with them for improved sales and ROI. Using stories in marketing is prevalent on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat. Visual storytelling is becoming one of the top methods of marketing for businesses and their audiences. It often uses images and other media that’s associated with visuals. Marketers frequently implement images within their stories, as well as in their storytelling campaigns. However, if you aren’t familiar with storytelling for your business, you may have difficulty recognizing when you are on the right track and when you need to make changes. The following info will help you get and stay on the right path for your success. Using Images to Succeed In Storytelling Storytelling using images requires the adoption of the right images and emotion-evoking message. Here are a few life hacks on how to use images successfully in storytelling. 1. Identifying good storytelling images Before you use images to tell brand…

Tips for Getting Customers Involved and Connecting With

Every savvy business owner and marketer understands that their success ultimately depends on the business’ existing and potential customers. This is why it is very important to keep customers interested, happy, active, and coming back, frequently. However, some businesses, particularly new ones, are not aware of how important it is to engage with customers on a more personal level, in order to accomplish everything else. Unfortunately, if a business focuses primarily on pushing sales pitches to their prospects and customers, the business may lose customers quickly. Successful businesses make their audience members feel appreciated and important. The key to creating a continual flow of customers is to build a solid relationship with them through a variety of connection points. Create engagement platforms, which enable customers to learn valuable info from peers, brand experts, as well as get to know you. This is easily accomplished by using storytelling methods and techniques, which appeal to each audience segment. Let’s look at a few things you may want to consider and include as you plan your engagement strategies in your marketing plan. 1. Create emotional connections We cannot stress how important it is for businesses to create a robust emotional link with their…

Storytelling Tips – Delivering Your Story in Person

Storytelling is a significant marketing tool that guarantees the necessary response to a call to action. However, this can only be the case, if the story is tailored to the needs of the customers and if it is delivered well. While you may have a great story idea, it could fail to attract or hold the audience’s attention just because your body language doesn’t send the consistent message you want. How then do you deliver your story without worrying that your audience is getting bored? Read on to learn a few tips on how to master your in-person storytelling approach. 1. Focus On Your Body Language Your body language means a lot when it comes to differentiating a static and dull presentation and one that is engaging and dynamic. You need to master all the various elements of effective body language when delivering your story in person. These include the right posture, eye contact, gestures, position and movement, and facial expressions. All your presentation aspects like the tone and content should align with your body language if you are hoping to win the audience. 2. Emotions Spark and Connect In stories, emotions trigger related memories for the listener, which help…

Steps to Mastering Storytelling for Your Business

Over the years, there has been a significant shift in digital marketing towards visual social media networks such as Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. For marketers willing to grow their brand, it is essential to target audience in such media platforms and the internet in general. Storytelling is a significant element of modern marketing. Brands that have mastered storytelling art have a competitive advantage. While the essence of any story used in marketing differs, the end goals are almost the same – engaging with the target audience in a manner that guarantees the business improved engagement, conversions, high sales and better ROI. Your story should have a target audience, the right message and a medium. Here are some aspects you need to master storytelling for your brand. 1. Start By Understanding Your Audience While you may have a message in mind that you want to pass to your prospects and customers, it is not just any message that will give you the necessary engagement and results. Your message has to align with the needs and pain points of the audience that you are planning to target. Learning about your audience is the first step towards mastering effective storytelling for your business.…

Mistakes to Avoid When You Market Through Storytelling

Storytelling is an age-old concept, but the concept is relatively new in marketing. This can be attributable to the fact that marketers did not see its scalability worthiness. However, the growth of the internet has changed everything – it has become easy for your target audience to follow up any story that you share, and second, it is not a must for marketers to tell a whole story in one go. In spite of this, people have mastered the art of ignoring anything that does not excite them. As such, it is necessary for marketers to avoid certain mistakes that might cost their effort in marketing through storytelling. This article highlights some of the common mistakes that you should be aware of when adopting storytelling as a marketing approach. 1. Too Much Focus On The Features A great brand story does not focus on the bells and whistles related to the features of an offer. The best brand stories are based on benefits, interests, values, wants, and needs of the customer, which enhance their life in some way. App.net emphasizes offering clients a solution to some problems they were experiencing such as mistreatment, inadequate or lack of privacy, and challenge…

Examples of Brand Storytelling That Work

A brand story is not just another asset for marketing. It is a guiding principle that the brand should follow and has a significant impact on all organizational aspects. It’s a perfect roadmap and sales pitch. One person might find the answer to the ‘who are you’ question complex, while another might find it simple. The answer depends on how you approach the question. However, coming up with the appropriate answer should be the sole focus before you think of presenting a product or service to consumers. Let’s look at some businesses and learn more about their brand storytelling to give you insight into things you may want to use to tell your brand’s story effectively. Airbnb Airbnb’s focus is firmly on one thing – customers. It understands the importance of customers in sustaining a great product. In the case of Airbnb, the brand is the guests and hosts. This company tells its stories through their gusts and hosts, where the customers share their experiences about the areas that they visit. This focus is so essential for the company that it created a section where they specifically share Stories from the Airbnb Community. Minnetonka It can be a challenge for…

Why Marketing Through Storytelling Works

How businesses get customer’s attention has changed significantly. There is a shift, among consumers and decision-makers, from the overreliance on old-fashioned sales promises and standard banner ads. With the rate at which competition is rising, it is becoming extremely hard for businesses to draw customers’ attention through television ads or shiny billboards. Modern consumers are interested in your brand ‘narrative’, which apparently, is more than your USP or even a sales pitch. It is your brand’s voice, your background and identity. The right narrative will help prospects and customers understand your brand from a different perspective, and that is why modern marketers are considering storytelling as a marketing tool. However, what are the benefits? Read on to learn why marketing through storytelling works. Reasons Why Storytelling is a great Marketing tool Marketing through storytelling, of course, is not a new concept. Brands such as BrewDog, Marks and Spencer, and even Coca Cola have benefitted from this approach for years. With the average individual consuming over 100,000 digital words daily, research shows that about 92% of these people would benefit from such words if they were in a story format. So, what’s in for brands that use storytelling as a marketing…

Setup a webhook from your form to your

Our Direct Zapier Connection is up and operational and you no longer have to webhook to Zapier, but you still can.  It is FREE on our end to use Zapier and to use Webhooks.  Zapier is a FREE External Integration Program and with their Upgraded Subscriptions you can create Webhooks. You can setup a Zap inside of your Upgraded Zapier Account to connect a Webhook by Zapier from your DocupletionForms Contact Form to your Gmail or your ActiveCampaign.  Just connect the Webhook URL inside of the program Add-ons tab to the form you want it connected to.  This is a great way to make certain that your confirmation email sent out to your client/person leaving you a message through your contact form will receive the message in their inbox and not in their spam folder.  You can connect with 2000+ different Online Software Programs via Zapier in any number of connection patterns.  Check Zapier out!  Don’t forget to read our FREE eBook on Zapier, and take a look at the Integration Instructions below: Connect DocupletionForms to hundreds of other apps with Zapier Zapier lets you connect DocupletionForms to 2,000+ other web services. Automated connections called Zaps, set up in minutes…

Simple to use FREE Form Editor.

This is a picture of our blank Form Editor ready for you to drag and drop elements into a form.  Signup on the Home Page to start making forms.

Disable a Hidden Field that is Required When

1. If you have a checkbox that you want checked so that people filling out your form, you have to uncheck to deselect it rather than check it to select it, type the following:                                                             |check    Right after the selection in the checkbox just like the illustration below. 2. Then in the field that you want shown if somebody leaves the checkbox checked, click required so that we can then go to the conditional logic to show you how to properly conditionally disable and enable the required field. 3. Check to disable the field in the add action when the checkbox is not checked.  then make sure to make a second rule (at the very bottom) that hides the field is the checkbox is not checked.  This way you do not set the field to be required and when it is hidden have a form that cannot be submitted because there is a hidden yet still required field.  fun, fun, fun.   Link to the form so you can see the disabled…

Confirmation, Notification and Embed/Link Settings

1. Click the settings tab in the actions drop down menu in the form tab. 2. Click the circled elements and make sure to enter the appropriate information so that the person submitting their form receives a confirmation email.  I circled the redirect to another page setting, but you can select the two options that give the person submitting the form a message rather than redirecting them anywhere. 3. Click the circled elements and make sure to enter the appropriate information so that you yourself receive a preset notification email. 4. Click the publish & share tab in the actions drop down menu in the form tab. 5. Click either the embed full form tab (gives you an html code to embed into your page where you want to embed the form.  Our name will not appear at the top of your form), the embed pop up form tab (gives you an html code and it is really nice looking the way it makes the form pop over the page where you embed it.  It can cause problems with the spacing on your desktop viewed website pages and it can also interfere with smartphones.  You just have to fiddle with…

How to set conditional logic rules in a

1. Made a simple contact form with 3 fields we do not need to show unless the answer to the previous question indicates that the person filling out the form has one or more of the following: phone number, website or Facebook. 2. So then we save the form and click the 3rd option at the bottom so that you can use the Form Manager to set the conditional logic rules.   3. In the Form Manager click actions and conditional rules. 4.  Then click add rule, condition and action 3 times or however many times you need to set as many rules as you want.  These are simple rules for showing a text field question if the person has indicated in the check box that they have any of the following: phone, website, Facebook. Simple.  The link to this form is: https://docupletionforms.com/formbuilder/forms/example-conditional-logic-form Hope this helps.  – James

How to signup to use the FREE Form

This is a quick tutorial with pictures of how to setup a conditional logic form.  At the end there is a link to an article on our our professional association site NAOLDP on how to use the Data-Merge.  Thanks for reading.  – James 1. Go to www.DocupletionForms.com, click to signup for the FREE Form Editor. 2. Enter an email and a password. 3. Login. 4. Click create form. 5. Drag, drop & customize as many contact form elements as you want to inside of the form editor screen.  make sure to add a submit button, and click save. 6. You have 3 options, but we are going to click the 3rd finished option that says take me to the form manager so that we can set conditional logic rules.  conditional logic rules are what tell your form to ask different next questions of the people filling out your form based on their answers to the previous questions in the form.   7. To the right of the form you are working on, click the action button and select the conditional rules tab from the drop down menu. 8. Click add rule. 9. Set a condition and set an action.  make sure…

RetainerCrypto.Online is going to be for Retainer Payments

RetainerCrypto.Online is going to be used to pay for law services and similar services. RetainerCrypto.Online or RCO is going to be used in conjunction with law and/or legal and/or related types of services to commit an amount of funds to a transaction, but to only fully transfer part of the funds to the agent receiving the funds and providing service. If there is a dispute of a disbursement, the agent can be replaced and the client can begin to pay them with the undisputed funds. The client’s case profile will also anonymously go onto a case board with the basic description of the case and attorneys and other agents will compete to become the client’s new agent. We are first going to start with just a simple ERC20 Token and ICO with a name very similar to RCO and have a link to the ICO Website from this page. We are going to make it possible to pay retainers through DocupletionForms.com using this ERC20 Token, and then we are going to build the final smart contract that will allow for the above described type of transactions where it will be possible to replace the person receiving the funds. The project…

Our New Logo!

DocupletionForms.com is a FREE Contact Form Program with a $5 Data-Merge element that can be added. The FREE Contact Form Program has Conditional-Logic Capabilities.  This means you have the capacity to set rules after you make and save a form, so that the form will ask different next questions of the people filling out your form based on their last answers. The $5 Data-Merge element allows you to upload and complete .PDF documents with just a few clicks. Thanks for reading the blog. Regards, James F. Polk, Founder of DocupletionForms.

Report Builder

Introduction Report Builder allows you to see the data collected by a form. Note: You can only create a report per form. Create my first report To create your first report go to Form Manager. Then, click on the Actions button and select the Submission Report option. A report is made of multiple charts. You can create as many charts as you have fields in your Form. When finished editing, you should click on the Save report button. Add a chart To create a chart: Click the Add chart button Fill the Title field Select the Type of chart Select the Field from which to get data Click Save Your chart has been added. Now you just need to Save the report. Edit a chart To edit a chart: Click the Edit button. Note that the report has now a yellow background and the Edit button now says Stop. In addition, all charts must show a pencil icon (for editing) and X (to delete). Click the pencil icon of the chart to edit. In the form that appears, change the data you need. Click Save When the chart is reloaded, press the Stop button. Your chart has been edited. Now you just need to Save the report. Delete a chart Click the Edit button. Note…

Form Widget (The embed code)

Introduction Embed code are a few lines of html and javascript that you can use to embed an Docupletionforms’ form into your own website. This is the easiest way to display a form on your site and the method least susceptible to errors. But also, one of the most important things about the form widget is that every time you make a change to your form in the form builder, the embedded form will automatically update. The Form Widget is designed to work on any web page. The Embed code basically creates an iFrame on the fly and the form is loaded in it. And, since it creates the iFrame, it can also resize it and that means there’s no need to update the code every time you make some change. But also, when you keep a form inside an iFrame, you also prevents it from conflicting with existing JavaScript or CSS elements on your page. Which Form Embed Code Should I Use? Right now Docupletionforms offers two options for publishing a form in your web site: Embed with Design: Lets you publish the form with the theme that has been applied to the form. Embed without design: Lets you…

Theme Manager

Docupletionforms has a tool that let you create themes that can be applied to a form to change their appearance, backgrounds, colors, text type, etc. Create a Theme Go to the Theme Manager, by clicking on Themes in the navigation bar. To create a theme, you must: Click on the Create Theme button The form to create a theme have 5 fields: Name: The theme name Description: A very brief description of the theme Main Color: The hexadecimal value of a color to identify your theme CSS: Must be a valid CSS Created by: Defines the owner of this theme (Visible by Administrators only). Click Save Note: You can select a Form in the Live Preview field to see how the theme applies to your form while you are editing the CSS field. Edit a Theme Go to the Theme Manager, by clicking on Themes in the navigation bar. To edit a theme, you must: Click the Actions button of the Theme to edit Click Update Make the changes you need Click Update Delete a Theme Go to the Theme Manager, by clicking on Themes in the navigation bar. To delete a theme, you must: Click the Actions button of the Theme to edit Click Delete A popup…

Submission Manager

Submission Manager let you create, view, edit and delete data collected by your forms. To access the Submission Manager, you must go to Form Manager and click on the form name. From there click on Submission (Paper Airplane icon). Now you can check, edit or delete your submissions. The Submission Manager, unlike other managers of the application, offers more features to adapt flexibly to the data collected by your forms. These are some Submission Manager features you should consider: Navigation: Manager displays submissions in tabular form. In the table upper cell the form field label is displayed and then the submission data corresponding to that field. Submissions are sorted by creation date (when they were sent). You can sort your submissions by clicking on the cell “Submitted”. Also the number of submissions displayed per page is defined according to the number of rows for the entire application, default is five. To view more submissions, you can use the Next and Previous buttons to go forward or backward. Show / Hide columns: You will see a button with a Table icon to the search box right. If you hover the mouse over it, the message “Show / Hide Columns” appears. If…

Form Builder

Introduction: Form Builder is an Docupletionforms key piece. It’s where forms are created and updated. The form builder provides the necessary tools for add and remove fields as other HTML elements. User Interface: The Form Builder interface is divided into two areas: On the left the form fields and to the right a form preview. The left area has three tabs: The tab Fields displays all fields and elements that can be added to the form. Simply drag and drop them to the right area. The tab Settings let set the form name, the form layout (labels position) and disabling all fields. The tab Code let see in real time the HTML code that is being generated with the Form Builder. From here you can recognize each element ID to manipulate the Form in a more advanced way. The right area is the Form Preview from where you can manipulate each of the components. – Add a field To add a field: Click a button on the left panel. Drag it to the right area. At the time you enter in the Form Builder’s active area a box will indicate where will be placed the Field. Once you placed it where…

Form Manager

Form Manager is the application most important part. You can see here all the forms you have been created in Docupletionforms, plus all the actions that can be performed with each. For example, you can access to the users submissions, create reports, view statistics and more.   Note: To access the Form Manager click the “Forms” menu in the navigation bar. Create a form Before you create your first form, please read the Form Builder documentation. If you are on the Dashboard or in the Form Manager, follow these steps: Click “Create Form” Drag and drop all the fields that your form needs. Drag and drop one button or more, according to your needs. Click “Save Form”. A modal window will appear with 3 options: Continue editing the form. Go to Advanced Form Settings Go to Form Manager Note: If you close the modal window without choosing one of these three options, when you “Save” again, you create another form and not edit the already created. This option can be useful if you want to create several similar forms quickly. View Form Record To view the Form Record, click on the form name in the Form Manager. You can view from here…

Template Manager

Introduction Create a template is as simple as creating a form. But if you need to create several similar or identical forms, first create a template, then you can create the forms you need with a few clicks. The Template Manager To access the Template Manager, go to Form Manager, then click the drop-down menu located on the right side of the “Create Form” button. Finally, click in More templates. Create a Form from a Template To create a Form, perform the following steps: Click the Actions button on the chosen template. Click Create Form Form Builder opens and the template will be displayed in the preview. Click Save Create a Template To create a template, follow these steps: Go to the Template Manager Click on the Create Template button The Form Builder will open, but this time will create a template. Add the fields and make the changes you need. Click Save Edit a Template To edit a template, perform the following steps: Go to the Template Manager Click the Actions button on the template to be edited Click Update The Form Builder will open, but this time to edit the template. Make the changes you need Click Save…

Rule Builder

Introduction Rule Builder allows you to add conditional logic to your Forms in a quick and intuitive way without using a single line of code. You simply need to add a number of conditions to fulfill to implement a number of actions such as hide/show HTML elements, enable/disable fields, copy fields values, skip pages and do math. To access the Rule Builder you must go to Form Manager, click the Actions button corresponding to the form you will work, then Conditional Rules. Requirements Before using the Rule Builder, your form must have at least one field. Otherwise, a warning message is displayed. No limitations You do not have any limitation to create conditional rules. You can create as many rules, conditions, sub-conditions and actions as required. Add your first rule For this example, you should create a contact form with four fields: Name (text field) Email (email field) Message (text area) Button (with text Submit)                         Then, go to Form Manager, locate your form, click on the Actions button, and then click Conditional Rules. Once in this Form Rule Builder, the first thing you will notice is a blank…

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