DocupletionForms is owned by Centinel Trust, a Small Business Trust, IRS EIN 83-1363964.

We make our Form Editor FREE for all to use.  We have an amazing development team who makes sure to use the highest security protocols in the .PHP code they use, create, modify and integrate.


If you leave us your name and email via any of our marketing page, the only thing we are doing is putting you on a list of people to send emails to every week or so about updates to our program.

We want you to use our FREE Form Builder and get into using Zapier and hopefully use us for HIPAA Compliant Email via our Rackspace Reseller, for WordPress on cPanel and for our Data-Merge.  These things are inexpensive and we have a commitment to keeping them cost affordable for you our Subscriber, and so that having been said, we also are committed to not junk mailing you with too many sales pitches.

Our server is on Amazon located in the USA, our Zapier API Server is Akamai formerly Linode and it is located in Philedelphia.  We connect you to Zapier via Webhooks or via the direct integration, and Zapier is a very reputable and well known company.  Zapier is a Los Angeles based Company and is not HIPAA Compliant and is not headed towards HIPAA Compliance as per their own explanations.  We are going to be putting out a embedded, which is HIPAA Compliant.  We are not yet HIPAA Compliant as a Contact Form, but are making progress towards HIPAA Compliance by using Secure Firewalls.  Currently only the Rackspace Email we sell as a Reseller is HIPAA Compliant.  We are committed to upholding code standards.

The Form Reader inside the Data-Merge is an API to another program made by Maximum Software (an Oregon based Company) called PDF.NINJA. It simply is an interface where your submission data is routed into an uploaded .PDF document as you specify.  Maxim Software is a very reputable company but is not as well known, so we have placed the wording of their Privacy Policy below for you to read.

The following is Maximum Software’s Privacy Policy with regards to your data: Your privacy and data security is our top priority. The API infrastructure is hosted in a secure environment. The generated PDFs are deleted on the server after a few minutes. Blank (original) PDFs are cached on the server for a week. Request data and responses are logged for debugging purposes and are deleted after a month. Generated PDF files are randomly reviewed to ensure proper API operation and to detect bugs. All user data is eventually deleted from all systems after about a month.

We do not have advertisers who pay us to show you ads nor send you marketing emails. We do not sell your data in any way, shape nor form. We do not manage your database itself, and do not look at any of the information that people enter into the forms you make. Your database is on our server and is secure. We have no security issues with our server. You can leave submissions in your database or erase them via the form editor.

Since your data is only accessed by you and you can erase it and DocupletionForms does not tend to it, we are compliant with GDPR. We maintain the security of the server itself to protect against hackers and viruses.  We feel that your data is 100% secure both technically as far as code and servers, but also geographically and nationally legally based on the laws that apply to and standards that are used by the technology companies with whom we integrate.

*NOTE – We cannot vouch for any software program company to which you webhook and/or to which you connect via Zapier.  You must investigate companies on your own with respect to reputation, laws that govern, physical locations, so on and so forth.

We know that somebody could go try to recreate our overall program and integrations, but we know that NOBODY has the same vision to be the CATEGORICAL KINGS OF CONDITIONAL LOGIC COUPLED WITH DOCUMENT COMPLETION AND INTEGRATION CAPABILITIES AND INSTRUCTIONALS LIKE DOCUPLETIONFORMS DOES! Thank you for considering us as part of your online software tools.  We know that your business is a reflection of you and we work hard to help you uphold a solid image with solid software.

Regards, James F. Polk, Founder of