Setup a webhook from your form to your Zapier. You can Zap to Gmail or ActiveCampaign!

Our Direct Zapier Connection should be completed by December 15th, 2019, but until then you can webhook to Zapier.  

You can setup a Zap inside of your $25 Zapier Account to connect a Webhook by Zapier from your DocupletionForms Contact Form to your Gmail or your ActiveCampaign.  Just connect the Webhook URL inside of the program Add-ons tab to the form you want it connected to.  This is a great way to make certain that your confirmation email sent out to your client/person leaving you a message through your contact form will receive the message in their inbox and not in their spam folder.

You can Zap to any of the other programs that connect to Zapier in any number of connection patterns.  Check Zapier out!  Don’t forget to read our FREE eBook on Zapier!


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