Contact Admin and we will setup a webhook from your form to your Zapier. You can Zap to Gmail or ActiveCampaign!

You can setup a Zap inside of your FREE Zapier Account to connect a Webhook by Zapier to your Gmail or your ActiveCampaign.  Just send us the Webhook URL in a message on our contact (example of just our basic auto-responder) form along with the name of the form you want it connected to as well as your account email address and Admin will connect your Webhook.  Simple.   an example of the Gmail Integration is our sample form. —  an example of our ActiveCampaign Integration is the FREE GUIDE Signup on  —

😎 – submit the form and it sends the submission data via a webhook to zapier and then zaps it to google sheets. you can set the EXACT data you want to capture on the sheet. it also sends the message to the DocupletionForms Facebook Page ( and Twitter Page ( All FREE via!

here is a link to the google sheet

 here is a blog about just the zap to google sheets

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