FREE Training Videos! – One costs $1 by Law!

Checkout our growing list of videos you can access for FREE!  We purchased a license from a professional group to use their videos on WordPress Security on our site and the license requires us to charge money, so we set the price low at $1.

Make sure to take a look at our new Training Facebook Page: “Professional Document Automation & Integration Master’s Clinic Workshop” where we post daily content aimed at helping you as a Legal Document Related Industry Professional.

And of course we still have our Main Facebook Page.

Rackspace Microsoft365 Reseller

We are looking at adding Rackspace’s Microsoft365 Business Partner Reseller Package to our upgraded subscription.  It will probably take a few months to set everything up, but this could be just the thing we can provide that will help you beyond belief.

We are making Conditional Webhooks shortly and then finishing our automatic document selection and completion utility.

We are making our WordPress setup automatic using WHMCS and upping our SiteLock to the Channel Team with SiteLock so that will be automatic too.  

Then we are finishing adding the CRM, Auto-Email.

After all of that we are finishing our Single Sign-On then our RetainerCrypto.Online Crypto Utility Token.

zapier beta testing submission

This Zapier Integration Submission took us 13-10 months depending on whether you look at when I made the first payment or when I started the planning with my 3 software engineers. Anyways, we are a couple of weeks away from being up on the live Zapier platform for the world to see inside of the “Forms” set of programs. There were 80 form programs when we started and now there are like 110, but it is still a great number to be working to be a part of. No idea how long the “Beta Testing” phase will take. We shall see. 😎 

– click here to use the direct private invite.