Examples of Brand Storytelling That Work

A brand story is not just another asset for marketing. It is a guiding principle that the brand should follow and has a significant impact on all organizational aspects. It’s a perfect roadmap and sales pitch. One person might find the answer to the ‘who are you’ question complex, while another might find it simple. The answer depends on how you approach the question.

However, coming up with the appropriate answer should be the sole focus before you think of presenting a product or service to consumers. Let’s look at some businesses and learn more about their brand storytelling to give you insight into things you may want to use to tell your brand’s story effectively.


Airbnb’s focus is firmly on one thing – customers. It understands the importance of customers in sustaining a great product. In the case of Airbnb, the brand is the guests and hosts. This company tells its stories through their gusts and hosts, where the customers share their experiences about the areas that they visit. This focus is so essential for the company that it created a section where they specifically share Stories from the Airbnb Community.


It can be a challenge for big brands with long, rich histories like Minnetonka to share their stories. They make things easier and better by taking an approach is different from most other brands. It has proven to be a winner for them. In their brand storytelling, they suggest high quality and longevity by associating it with the words, ‘quintessential American brand.’ This is an idea that the company has kept, despite moving into the global arena. Holding on to its grass-roots history is a great way to maintain brand building and is what makes Minnetonka timeless.


Founded in 1964, the company known as Nike, today, has learned a lot over the years and has obviously mastered the art of storytelling and giving back to the audiences’ communities, no matter where the customers are globally.

One example of their brand storytelling can be seen in their Equality campaign. Nike stands out as an advocate for equality, mentoring, and many more things based on the trail-blazing values of Oregon settlers. This is easily seen via the stories they share about community programs and events they sponsor. Many of these inspire kids and adults through sports, while also bringing people together for personal and social change.

Zendesk Campaign

Zendesk, which is known for effective customer support software, created an ingenious yet hilarious marketing campaign that helped boost the company’s interests, among its target audience. The brand’s ‘anti-storytelling’ approach earns them trust among its users, by having a very human impression, a thing that is not so common with SaaS providers.

In the Zendesk “Alternative” Campaign, the company created a story about a fictional indie rock band that was frustrated by the supposed ‘stealing’ of their band name by a customer support company. Zendesk finishes the video with the brand writing a cheesy jingle on how vital customer service should be to brands.

Data and statistics can help inform and convince the reader of facts. However, when it comes to a compelling brand story, the secret is to tell a relevant story that moves your audience emotionally and capitalizes on a meaningful or inspiring situation or predicament.

Additionally, focus on being clear and to the point, adding examples or other elements when needed. You also want to encourage 2-way conversations, as well as adopt the right tone and voice. Create the right environment to connect with the audience and tell a brand story that keeps them wanting more.

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