We are working on our Form Reader/Data-Merge element of  Currently it is a manual utility inside of the program that is accessible by clicking the “Merge” tab on the menu bar that allows you to upload an unlocked PDF Document and then map out which data that has been entered into a contact form goes into which blanks inside of your PDF.

Once this manual Form Reader/Data-Merge becomes automatic you will be able to setup automatic document selection and completion flows and this will be a thing Centinel Trust along with Apex Law Service will do for you at a to be determined hourly rate.  We will be able to do legal research on what questions you need to ask and also what documents you will need to allow people to complete automatically based on the answers they give to your questions.

You can also pay Apex Law Service $3500 to be a part of their Paralegal Subcontracting/Marketing Business Consulting Program.  You will never be disappointed that you spent the time to build a business that allows you to build on your professional experience and focus on your desired niche.