BASIC INSTRUCTIONS (expanded instructions) & (funnel elements):

** To complete documents Zap via Zapier to FormStack Documents or Clio – CLICK TO SEE HOW! **

1. To open the Contact Form Builder click to the left (first time users must click signup on the next page, but the login and password will already be populated, don’t change them, just signup once which includes confirming in your email).  The Form Reader can then be opened after you have opened the Contact Form Builder at least one time.  The passwords for the main site, the Contact Form Builder, and the Form Reader are the same and auto-pouplated by our site via a secure login protocol.  We are working on an automatic document completion utility to enhance the program.

2. One of our $20 subscription is a WordPress on a Secure Amazon Server.  We provide you with a 50GB WordPress site on it’s own cPanel.  You have to buy a domain name as well as set the nameservers to &  Your same email you used to signup for this site is your login email to WHMCS and 0000 is your initial password.  If you miss a payment, our shutoff is not automatic, we will work with you.  CLICK HERE to contact us.  Inside of WHMCS click “services”, “order new services” and then click “Order Now” on the free plan that pops up.  Setup should be easy.  Once you have your wordpress setup, go to and reset your WordPress password by clicking “lost your password?” and an email will go out to the email you used to signup.  From there, your login is: “admin” and then the password you just chose.  You can access your cPanel and also click directly to the “file manager” segment of your cPanel from right inside of your WHMCS.  Security Training Videos $1 Lifetime Access.

3. Connect to: ActiveCampaignCliozipForm PlusClickFunelsStripe & 1500+ more programs with Zapier Take a look at our Easy to Follow Zapier Help-Docs so that you can use Zapier with your contact forms.

4. Our discount code is DocupletionForms which offers a 50% discount for: Complete PBX Solution, Complete PBX Solution PLUS (includes Canada), Complete Telephone in a Box, Virtual Assistant. We have a discount code DocupletionFormsLTE which offers a 25% discount for anything else on the site including the BizLink LTE Network Router and phones.  Discount codes are one time offers applied on checkout and you can see the adjustment instantly.

5. OUR CSV EDITOR IS CURRENTLY IN DEMO MODE ONLY. | login:demo | password:demo |

6. We are working on our Office365, Auto-Docs, CRM & Chatbot and they will be ready at some point during 2022.

7. Our AutoMail is being worked on and is currently set to first be free (will be $5) and you have to setup a separate password and then connect to an external SMTP like sendgrid (make sure to setup your sendgrid single sender verification under settings & sender authentication) or sendinblue.  Our AutoMail is a simple email series auto-responder.

“Our aim with DocupletionForms is to give you a lot of benefit for a low price because we are building a TRIBE OF BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS WHO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR CLIENT’S LIVES.”  

Regards, James F. Polk -Founder of DocupletionForms, Director of NAOLDP, Trustee of Apex Law Service.