This is a list of tasks that I want to accomplish and am going to hire Subcontractors to complete.

Thinking about paying $21 Monthly for Adobe After Effects to edit pre-made videos:

Projects one or another Subcontractor has recently helped us complete:

  •!  Our FREE On-Page SEO Analyzer! (11-21-19)
  •!  Our Client Portal!  Upholds privileged communications standards because it is on our server and nobody like Google has any type of access.  It is 100% for just written communications back and forth to replace email. (11-27-2019)

Projects we are working on &/or still need to start working on with a Subcontractor.

  1. Doing a double check for any HIPPA and GDPR Compliance Issues.  The goal is to make a 100%  HIPPA Compliant,  GDPR Compliant and therefore 100% secure portal for privileged communications.
  2. We are going to add in some APIs that we create that are like the current addons –  (support), but function as per the license like APIs.  Here are the addons.  There also might be a upgrade available to the core easy forms program.  We are going to make most of these addons available to our users as a separate tab at the top of your dashboard next to themes called “User Addons
    1. Stripe (copy current Addon w/o violating law and make it an API)
    2. LawPay
    3. DocuSign
    4. ActiveCampaign (copy current Addon same as above)
    5. The PDF Addon installed but does not function properly and I think it is due to the need for upgrading the core program.  We are getting the “Extended License for SAAS” and then Easy Forms will support the plugin.
  3. I want the Webhooks to be accessible by the Users and not in this fashion.
  4. I want to setup a standard .PHP script to a SQL database procedure like this.
  5. There is also a MySQL Addon.
  6. I want to install this CRM program and add a “contact form” and “data-merge” tab inside of it so that maybe the CRM SAAS will be the subscription management system.  The idea is to leave the contact form still free as is and maybe make the form reader free, and add the webhosting with c-panel into the CRM price.
  7. This is a neat little CSV Program.
  8. I want to setup a WHMCS and ENOM so people can automatically setup their sites once they upgrade.  Maybe I will make that a 100% completely separate $5 subscription.  I have a guy who has quoted me $500 for this.
  9. We are almost done with our connection and should be done right after Thanksgiving 2019.  Then we will be maintaining our Zapier Connection.
  10. Make a SharePoint Zapier Integration Training Page.
  11. RetianerCrypto.Online is going to cost around $10,000.00 and we need to make an API, but I think that is going to be a part of the $10,000.00.  This is the Bullet Point List of the token elements.  We are including an element of override at a judge’s orders and/or in the event of death and loss of one party’s oracle key.  We also need to adjust the profit margin so that a transaction from purchase/conversion of the RCO to transaction to sale/conversion costs less.  $0.005 on top of the network and banking fees I think is the proper conversion/transaction fee because it amounts to $75 ($25, $25, $25) for a purchase, transaction, sale of RCO for a $5000 sized transaction.  Here is an article on Ethereum Network Fees & GasRCO is also going to create a situation where Apex Law Service can be mediators, and will be a great segue into the owner financing document creation & note servicing business. 
  12. We need to make the auto-pre-logic document selection and completion element on top of the current PDF.NINJA form reader.
  13. I need to evaluate a security protocol for the databases and also a legal protocol for our procedures with respect to the databases as per current GDPR rules once the migration to the Linode Server is complete and the Zapier is connected.
  14. HIPPA – here is an article from the HIPPA Journal about making G-Suite HIPPA Compliant.
  15. GDPR & HIPPA – GDPR requirement to only save data for as long as required for business purpose can be met by arguing that HIPPA requirement to save data for longer than GDPR would dictate is itself a business purpose for a US Company doing business out of the US even with EU Countries.  John J. Isaza – 7 Steps for Legal Holds.  He recommends VIRGO.  VIRGO has an API!
  16. LexisNexis has a cool set of APIs as well.
  17. Think about HIPPA Compliant eMail addresses $10 monthly.
  18. SAML SSO?
  19. ClickFunnels?
  20. I need to figure out how to only allow as a referrer for my AWS S3 buckets which should allow me to place links to some eBooks and embed some videos on different membership protected pages in a fashion that keeps people from hotlinking and accessing the content directly by copying the URL of the asset.  Amazon AWS S3 buckets with domain level security so that people can only see protected content when they click to it from a specific URL.  
  21. One thing – PaidMembershipsPro might replace SentryLogin and integrate via Zapier to ClickFunnels and lock WP, HTML and PHP pages.  A SAML would be nice to control all including ClickFunnels.  Not sure if ClickFunnels can work with SAML SSO, but with PaidMembershipsPro, the membership area can be integrated via webhooking to Zapier and Stripe to allow the funnel to work correctly for a free signup (need to integrate our defacto free signup too) and/or an upgraded paid purchase in the funnel.
  22. Advertising – pay Google bill and do AdWords.  Bing is good.  FB is good.  This will allow YouTube too.  
  23. SEO work on our site itself.
  24. I might add this ip address tracker and make it available as a part of the subscription to help people track where their visitors to their sites are coming from etc.
  25. Also this chatbot that integrates with the Google DialogueFlow API is on the list.
  26. We are going to be making a WordPress plugin for DocupletionForms and a Documatic.Website WordPress Theme.  I was hoping to catch a Theme Developer like these guys before they completed their project and partner with a group who is savvy about contact forms.  We are hopefully going to be making a backwards integration with a whole set of different contact form programs so they integrate with our data-merge and therefore the rest of the developing program beyond the contact form so that a person will not have to change their contact forms out on the internet, but can just merge the data they collect into the different document program functions we provide.
  27. We are also going to make into a site with multiple subdomains, one being, which will be a page that can log you into and will be a paid CRM and you will also be able to access your FREE from inside.
  28. We might use this Laravel CRUD Editor on
  29. I need to setup a GitHub for everything.