We are starting our work on the following elements:


  1. ZAPIER!  Coming Soon!  Connect your DocupletionForms forms via zapier to: ActiveCampaign, Clio, zipForm Plus, ClickFunels, Stripe & 1500+ more programs
  2. Adding the capacity for our subscribers to take payments via Stripe through their forms.
  3. Adding a Direct API connection to Clio for the Law Industry.
  4. Adding a Direct API connection to zipForm Plus for the Real Estate Industry.
  5. Adding an Automatic PDF Document Selection & Completion Element.
  6. Adding a Direct API connection to ActiveCampaign to add a person who submits their email and name to an automatic email series.
  7. We are expanding our Form Reader to have an AUTOMATIC DOCUMENT SELECTION AND COMPLETION ELEMENT.
  8. We are probably going to switch our subscription management system to Paid Memberships Pro from the one we are using now so that our subscribers will have one simple login using an integration with Azure & Auth0 so that we can provide secure SAML SSO, and also have prorated refunds when they change subscription types.
  9. We are going to be overhauling the website and it is going to coincide with our mobile and desktop apps.  The desktop app is going to integrate with several of the most popular desktop only programs like CEB Essential Forms.
  10. We are also working on creating a new Crypto Utility Token using the ERC20 Standard on the Ethereum Network which can be used through a payment gateway inside the FREE CONTACT FORM by purchasing a $50 Crypto Wallet through us.  The Crypto is called RCO which stands for RetainerCrypto.Online and we have a presale where you pay $20 for a Crypto Wallet plus once we get to $15,000 profit we will send you 20 RCO which are worth $20.

*you will be able to do the same things through Zapier that you will eventually be able to do with the Direct API connections, except for the fact that there is a slight delay in the Zapier Zaps.  Zapier checks the different proograms and updates the different programs every few minutes with new information from the other programs it has already checked.  Zapier makes a whole ton of different things possible.  

We are starting on the Direct API Connections right after we finish the Zapier Integration this Winter 2020 and are probably going in round about the order above, but we may complete the zipForms Plus API first to offer a discounted subscription to all the Realtors and Real Estate Brokers & Salespeople of the USA as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading this little update page and I can’t wait to roll out the next elements of our program!


James F. Polk, Founder of