My Grandpa Appleby taught me to make my own business connections…


My name is James F. Polk.  Like a lot of Americans in our day and age, I have had a Step-Family since I was 4-years old.  My Grandpa Appleby owned the Newspaper here in Escondido California and sold it in the late 70’s.  He invested his resources into different local Escondido Community Projects like the California Center for the Arts, Escondido and the Palomar Family YMCA’s Appleby Preschool.

When I was about 14 years younger than I am now, I asked my Grandpa to introduce me to somebody with whom he served on the Board of Directors at the Escondido Branch of California Bank & Trust.  I wanted to see if I could get as early of a notification as possible with respect to any upcoming pre-forclosure distressed properties and/or foreclosed REO.  I wasn’t sure if it was even allowable by law, but I figured I would ask my Grandpa and hoped he would introduce me to somebody since I was a Real Estate Salesperson at the time.

Well, his response has shaped me in a lot of ways that I did not imagine at the time.  He said that he thought it would be better if I made my own connections in the Real Estate & Banking Industries.  I’ve got to admit I went through a little twinge of pain and embarrassment at his response.  It wasn’t his philosophy to give people unfair advantage.  I was embarrassed that I had even asked because I wasn’t sure what his response was going to be because I did in general know this about him.

I decide he was right and that I needed to be more mindful of my inner voice telling me not to cross certain lines in the future and needed to double down on my own personal business networking efforts.  My business path since then has led me to different types of Residential House Flips and Raw Land House Flips, to an Enlistment in the Marine Corps Reserves, to the Youth Ministry and finally now to the Paralegal and Software industries where I am concurrently run Apex Law Service & DocupletionForms.  I hope that you like this FREE Training Course I have made for you on how to integrate different programs online and I also hope you join my network on!


James F. Polk

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