Expert Systems: Chapter 1

“Expert Systems: The Universality & Cocentricity of Expert Marketing, Document & Law Systems” 

-By James F. Polk

Section 1: Overview of the differences between Expert Marketing, Document & Law Systems.
Chapter 1: Automation is at the core; the purposes are different.

An Expert Marketing System is an automated system that is designed to grab a person’s attention, pull them in, offer them an opportunity and illicit a participation/purchase response. An automated Expert Marketing System can be as simple as an advertisement on a Search Engine which somebody clicks and then are taken to a sales page where they choose to purchase a digital product. An automated Expert Marketing System can be as complex as a targeted Remarketing System across Platforms that draws a person into an opt-in, initiates conditional email series with a tailored set of emails depending on interaction with the previous series and then draws a buyer in value ladder step by
value ladder step by a psychologically sculpted indoctrination system until a business has a new convert.

An Expert Document System and an Expert Law System are almost the inverse of each other and in so being function almost the exact same way. Let me explain. Both types of Expert Systems entail asking a different set of questions of the client based on their answers to the previous questions. Just like onboarding any client in person where you ask different questions because different elements become important or not important based on the situation as their answers depict it, an automated decision tree does the same thing, except that it is 100% pre-determined and there are only a certain pre-set number of potential branches. There is no subjectivity in the determination of what question is answered next. This is how Conditional Logic works.

The big differences between an Expert Document System are how much information needs to be given to explain the significance between answer choices and the internal set of documents and procedures that are guided by an Expert Document System versus the External Legal Documents produced by an Expert Law System which always carry a higher level of legal significance. An Expert Document System is used to take the information that a Client gives a Professional and automatically selects the documents and procedures that the Professional uses within their business and the Expert Law System takes the answers that a Client gives to a set of questions and selects the procedures and documents that the answers indicate the person requires based on preset conditional logic rules. Both systems are 100% a set of preprogrammed rules and there is no application of the unaided human intellect to the fact pattern.

Are you starting to see why half of the name of the book is the “Cocentricity” of Expert
Marketing, Document & Law Systems? They all 3 are different, but the same in that there are preset conditional logic rules. They all 3 have a different purpose. They all 3 have a different level of required disclosure and disclaimer that are required. I’m glad you decided to begin reading my book. The next chapters are going to build on this first chapter. Make sure you signup for my FREE Conditional Logic Contact Form on so that you can tinker around with making a Conditional Logic Contact Form that asks different questions depending on the person filling it out’s answers to the last questions. I am sure what I have written this far has sparked some ideas inside of your thinking.  Inside the FREE Member’s Area are some links to 2 programs: ActiveCampaign and ClickFunnels which are an Automatic Email and Automatic Marketing program. You can start building an automatic system with just these 3 utilities and some of the technical training guides inside the FREE Member’s Area.