Expert Systems: Chapter 3

“Expert Systems: The Universality & Cocentricity of Expert Marketing, Document & Law Systems” 

-By James F. Polk

Section 1: Overview of the differences between Expert Marketing, Document & Law Systems.
Chapter 3: Why most people make Quasi-Expert Document Systems connected to Expert Marketing Systems?

No matter what the law related industry Professionals mainly make Expert Marketing Systems to find new clients, but make a Quasi-Expert Document/Law System. The reason is that most people who use information intake systems to then help a client with some form of legal process involving legal documents just want to secure the client via marketing and take away some of the drudgery. It’s really a no-brainer for most people to just make a simple encoding of a few conditional logic questions in an online questionnaire and to then make it possible to use the data in a multitude of ways. For this reason has an organic integration with inside of it’s Data-Merge called our Form Reader and it is a simple utility to upload a PDF and then with a few clicks map out which bits of data entered into the contact form goes into which blanks in the PDF document. To boot, DocupletionForms integrates via Webhooks to Zapier and data can then be zapped into different document programs like Clio (Law), zipForm Plus (Real Estate), and a whole different set of document management programs.

You can setup a Zap inside of your FREE Zapier Account to connect DocupletionForms to your Gmail or your ActiveCampaign. Just connect your DocupletionForms Account as the Trigger Program and any of 4000+ programs as the Action Program.  An example of our basic autoresponder is our Contact Form.  An example of the Gmail Integration is our sample form.  An example of our ActiveCampaign Integration is the FREE GUIDE Signup on This is why we provide a FREE eBook on how to use Zapier on our eBooks page We find that just talking about the basic usefulness of the utility and then pointing people to the FREE eBook is very useful. You can mix and match different parts of over 4000+ different online software programs. It is a really cool way to produce the system you want online. Also, we have a page full of instructional links on that shows people how to make conditional logic contact form and how to set the settings, etc.