*Zapier on it’s way.  Connect to: ActiveCampaign, Clio, zipForms Plus, ClickFunels, Stripe & 1500+ more programs! *

One of our Advanced Features is Webhooking (we can Webhook to Zapier for you).  We currently have Admin setup your Webhooks.

Just 2 things to mention about the Data-Merge:

One: Use the same email for the Form Reader that you used to signup for the Form Editor!

Two: Make sure to unlock the PDF you are uploading and also label the fields you want to map data into.


1. How to make a FREE CONTACT FORM: https://docupletionforms.com/free-form/

2. How to set Conditional Logic Rules: https://docupletionforms.com/conditional-logic/

3. How to set Confirmations, Notifications & Embed/Link Settings:  CLICK HERE

4. Disable a Hidden Field that is Required When Shown!  CLICK HERE

5. How to use the Data-Merge: https://www.naoldp.org/how-to-use-docupletionforms/

6. Academic Papers on Expert Law Systems: https://www.naoldp.org/articles-training/

7. NAOLDP is FREE: The National Association of Online Legal Document Professionals

8. WEBHOOKS: How to Zap using Zapier!: This is a simple blog post about webhooking to Zapier!

I’m in business to help you in business and to earn a spot for DocupletionForms in your business tool repertoire.

Regards, James F. Polk, Founder of DocupletionForms, Director of NAOLDP, Trustee of Apex Law Service

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